Name                 :     Dr. Renuka  Rajendra Gayal

Qualification     :     Deputy Director, Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center, Wagholi, Pune

Educational Qualification : Degrees obtained (Begin with Bachelor’s Degree)

Degree Institution Field(s) Year

Degree Year Class Subject University
B. A. M. S. Dec. 1988 I Ayurved
M. D. May 1994 Satisfactory Ayurved
D. Y. A. May 2001 Pass Yog & Ayurved Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune
D. A. D. July 2006 First class Diet Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune
Ph.D Nov. 2007 Awarded Ayurved

Research Experience

Duration (From-To) Institution    Particulars of work done

Post Subject Place Duration
Lecturer Kaya chikitsa C. S.M.S.S. Aurangabad 28/1/95 to 27/6/97
Lecturer Swasthavritta B. S. D. T. Wagholi 1/2/2000 to 31/5/01
Lecturer Kaya chikitsa B. S. D. T. Wagholi 1/6/01 to 31/8/03
Reader Kaya chikitsa B.S. D. T. Wagholi 1/9/03 to 31/8/08

Particulars of work done

  1. Clinical experience –
  • 1HOSPITAL INCARGE &PANCHAKARMA PHYSICIAN in B.S.D.T.Ayurved hospital &Research center Wagholi from Jan 1999,where no. of foreign patientscame from Germany,Japan, Australia,Switzerland,Holland.
  • PHYSICIAN –in cancer research project of B.S.D.T. Ayurved Hospital & Research center Wagholi.
  1. Research paper
  • Roll of sadyo vaman in tamak shwasa in L.S.P.S.S. Trditional Science Seminar.
  • Utility of Raupya- Suvarna Sutshekhar in Mastshka Arbuda with special reference to Ca- Brain in II International Conference on Ayurved for Cancer.
  • Role of basic principles of diet in prevention of cardiac diseases in National Conference On Preventive Cardiology.
  • Role of panchakarma chikitsa in management of cancer patients in III International Conference on Ayurved for Cancer.
  • Role of Jatamansi oil shirodhara in terms of Rasayan.
  1. Seminar attended
  • S. P. S. S. Trditional science seminar, at I. I. T. Pawai in Dec. 1993
  • Teachers training workshop of M. U. H. S. In April 2000
  • International seminar on Holistic Management of Mind Body Health inAug 2000
  • Teachers training workshop in April 2000
  • II International Conference on Ayurved for Cancer in Feb 2002
  • International seminar for finalization of syllabus in Feb 2000
  • Workshop on Scheme of internship and model answer in Oct 2002
  • An international seminar on research and management of Diabetes in Aug 2002
  • An international seminar on Neurological Health in feb 2003
  • Symposium on Charaka Samhita a sambhasha in Feb 2004
  • National conference on AYURVEDIYA-NIDANA in Feb 2005
  • Conclave of the Indian Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine- IASTAM-India in Jan 2005
  • Workshop on teaching technologies (For post graduate studies)in Jan 2005
  • National Conference on preventive cardiology in Oct 2005
  • Scientific Publications : Methods & Skills (pre conference workshop) in 2006
  • III International Conference on Ayurved for Cancer
  1. OTHER
  • Visited Germany ,Switzerland, Holland to deliver lectures on ayurvedic subject in particular diet and abhyanga in Feb.2002& Feb.2004
  • Ayurvedic diet concept, Pathya kalpana, Agni vichra,etc.
  • Abhyanga, Mastishakya, Kati basti, Nabhi bastI, Hrud basti, Netra basti
  • Lectures & practicals Organised and counducted on Ayurvedic diet concept in B. S. D. T.s Ayurvedic Hospital & Research center Wagholi, in 1999, 2000, 2001 for Japanese & German people
  • Organised & successfully conducted two months course on Ayurvedic Indian food recepies in 2001
  • Articles published in local news paper on Ayurvedic diet concept
  • Articles published in Ayurved Patrica
  • Examinar in Pune University, M.U.H.S. University, Bharti Vidyapeeth.
  • Various health camps,diagnostic camps organize in rural area.