Name                 :     Dr. Sandeep Chavan

Educational Qualification : Degrees obtained (Begin with Bachelor’s Degree)

Degree Institution Field(s) Year
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 2006

Research Experience : Duration- From 2011 to Till Date

Institution :

  • G.M.P. AyurvedMahavidyala, Charni Road, Mumbai- 2006- 2009- M.D.
  • BSDT’ AtharvaAyurved Pharmaceuticals, Wagholi, Pune- R&D In-charge, Bhasma Section In-charge- 2011
  • BSDT’s Integrated Cancer Treatment And Research Center, Wagholi, Pune- Senior Research Fellow- 2011- 2014
  • Atharva Nature Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Wagholi, Pune- R&D In-charge, Bhasma Section In-charge – 2014- Till Date

Particulars of work done :

  • D. Dissertation- “Preparation and Standardization of AbhrashwasharYog and its efficacy with and without Mallasindoor in Allergic Asthma (Shwas)”
  • Senior Research Fellow- Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center- Preparation and Quality Assurance of Ayurvedic Medicines prepared for Cancer patients.
  • Identification of GuduchiSattva by Microscopy.
  • Quality Parameters Testing of Aja Dugdha/ Goat Milk reared in Goshala Project of BharatiyaSanskritiDarshan Trust.
  • Preparation, Standardization and Safety/ Toxicity Study of Trailokyachintamani Rasa- A Pilot Study.
  • Preparation and Standardization of AtharvaAnantaKalpa and AtharvaAnantaVati- Proposed.
  • Ayurvedic Drug Analysis and Standardization at Total Herbs Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
  • “VangaBhasmaKaryashala” organized by “AyurvedMahasammelan, Pune”, 2013.

Other Experience (Apart from Research)

No Duration


Institution Particulars of work done
01. 2010-2011 BSDT’ AtharvaAyurved Pharmaceuticals Assistant Vaidya
02. 2009-Till Date Private Consultant Ayurvedic Physician
03. 2014- Till Date Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Guest Lecturer for M. Phil. (Ayurved) – Drug Research Methodology

Research specialization

(Major scientific fields of interest)

  • Preparation and Standardization of various categories of Rasaushadhi viz., Bhasma, Kajjali, SindoorKalpa, PottaliKalpa, ParpatiKalpa, KhalviKalpa, Pishti etc.
  • Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Research pertaining to Standardization of Raw Materials- In process and Finished Products.

Recent publications (last 5 years, with titles and references), also papers in press

“Identification of GuduchiSattva by Microscopy”- to be published in “ASHWASAN IV” by BSDT’s Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Centre, Wagholi, Pune