Female – Child Welfare Research Project

The health of child largely depends on the health of mother. Healthy progeny is a way to healthy nation. In the Female and Child Welfare research project conducted by Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshant Trust we aim at using the ancient science of Ayurved to deal with various gynecological problems being faced by females to give them relief from many minor to major complaints. At the same time this project also intends to increase the strength and immunity power of children. Ayurved has got in it’s treasure many remedies which we can apply to achieve healthier life for females and children. We have to use this traditional treatments in todays context. We also use the modern medical science to achieve our goal faster.
The Stri Roga – Balrog Vibhag (i.e. Gynecology & Obstetrics – Pediatrics Department) of Ayurved Hospital and Research Centre is well – equipped with traditional methodologies as well as modern equipments. The resource persons available are well – qualified and well – experienced in the medical field and in the field of research.
For regular and proper menstrual cycle, certain diet, life style modifications and medicines are advised to the young women.
Purification of body by panchakarma procedure of both parents before conception is useful for healthy child. Antenatal care with respect to diet and medicine for the mother is advised for the nutrition of the foetus and easy labour.
The proper guidance regarding diet and exercise is given to the mother for her child.

  • The project is carried out at Pune & Mumbai since 1998.
  • Renowned Ayurvedic physician and principal investigator Dr. S. P. Sardeshmukh – Ph.D. (Ayu) examines and treats HIV+VE / AIDS patients.
  • Dr. Prabha Godbole, a renowned Gynecologist is guiding this project.

Achievements of the Female Child Welfare Project

  • Specialised camps are arranged to prepare patients physically and mentally before pregnancy for healthy progeny.
  • Antenatal care is taken by the consultants with Ayurvedic Medicines which helps improve growth & development of foetus. This programme is highly specialised and carried throughout the year.
  • Various Panchakarma (Cleansing process) are done to improve the quality of spermatozoa (Purusha bija) and Ovum (Stree bija).
  • Gynecological disorders are treated specially with Ayurved therapies and procedures.
  • All Obstetric & Gynecological surgeries are also caried out in the hospital.
  • Large Ovarian tumour of 2.5 kg. size was removed in the year 2007 and the patient was cured without any complication.
  • School Health check-up camps were conducted in 2008 through NSS activity to find out congenital abnormalities and nutritional deficiencies in children and to give the practical guidance for the same.
  • Ayurved and Yoga therapies are used to treat the sepcial disorders in children like vitiligo, Asthamatic Bronchitis, Protein Energy Malnutrition, Helminthiais etc.

Ayurved about the health of Female and Child

Ashtang Ayurved deals with eight branches of Ayurvedic treatment and in that Prasutitantra i.e. the Obstetrics and Gynecologysection form one of the main branch. The ayurvedic methods or practices, if followed during pregnancy, will lead to a complication – free delivery. Ayurved states the most preferred guidelines to be followed during pregnancy. It states the ideal way and the right time of conceiving a baby. It is followed by the mode of life that needs to be followed religiously by a pregnant lady. Ayurved has suggested a very good protocol for that, which is called garbhini paricharya. It has given a detailed description of ahar (nutrition), vihar (life style) and vichar (thought process) to be followed during pregnancy. According to Ayurved, all these directly affect the mother as well as the child. Apart from this specific emphasis is given on the nutrition chart and medication to be followed during the pregnancy period. Pediatrics is another important branch in Ayurved, which focuses on the care that needs to be taken after the birth of the baby. Information on what to feed and the right way of feeding the baby is provided in Ayurved.
The various disorders and complications during pregnancy along with the respective treatments have also been highlighted. The ayurvedic herbs and foods help in promoting harmony of mind during menstrual problems, menopause, and hysterectomy and prevent abortion and infertility. Apart from this usage of proper contraceptives for a better sex life has also been provided. Wholesome diet is given great importance as it aids foetal growth, maternal health and lactation after childbirth. Great care is also recommended during the first three months and after the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy .
   Kaumar bhrutya i.e. Pediatrics is one of the eight specialized branches of Ashtang Ayurveda. It focuses mainly on pediatrics issues. It covers all aspects of child growth from the neonatal phase to adolescence including treatment for problems at every stage. This branch mainly deals on prenatal, natal and postnatal care in addition to gynecology and obstetrics. This specialized branch recognized direct links between the physical and mental health of an expecting mother and that of her progeny. It recommends particular diet, regimen, nutrition and conduct for women during and after delivery. It is important for the mother to attain perfect health so that she can feed her child. So advanced was this science that thousands of years back Charaka described the growth and progress of foetus in minute details. It also mentioned about a technique called punsanvan vidhi for having a child of one’s desired gender, intelligence and constitution. This branch meticulously dealt with the problem of infertility and its causes and treatment methods. Pediatrics is an important branch which gives a detailed account of childcare taken after the birth of the baby.

In Patient Procedure

Healthy woman and healthy child are the wealth of nation. But unfortunately the mental and physical development of female and child in India is neglected. Thus medical workers should concentrate more on maintaining the health of women and children.
Ayurved is a medical science aiming at preventing of the disease rather than during it. To improve the health of women and children, Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust has undertaken female and child welfare project from year 1997.

Procedure for registration in the Project

  • Prior appointment is given for case taking.
  • Detail Case history is taken according to ayurvedic point of view.
  • Signs & Symptoms are noted and assessed in each follow up.
  • Evaluation of improvement in patient’s health is done periodically in symptomatic relief as well as wherever required by clinical trials.