Name                 :     Dr. Sudha G. Gangal

Qualification     :     MSc, PhD, FNA, FASc, FMAS

Ruia college, Bombay university, India

Cancer Research Institute, Bombay, India

BSc, I class with distinction

MSc by research




Cancer cell biology

Cancer Research Institute, Bombay, India

Post-Doctoral research


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

(NIH Fellowship)



Cancer immunology

Expression of H-2 antigens on mouse cell lines

I happen to have extensive experience in immunology of cancer. I have worked for 40 years in an internationally known Cancer Research Institute, Tata Memorial Center, Bombay. I was responsible for establishing Immunology Division at the Institute. I have published more than 150 research papers in National and International Journals, and have authored two books titled ‘principles and practice of Animal tissue culture’ and ‘Text book of basic and clinical immunology’. I have visited several countries including China on exchange Visitor’s programs, or for attending International conferences, and have participated as co-princilal investigator in a few collaborative research programs (Indo-German, Indo-French) on immunology of leprosy. I have guided about 25 students for MSc and PhD degree by research. Recently, I have been teaching Immunology for MSc Biotech and Medicine students at Bharati Vidyapeeth University in Pune.

 Positions and Employment

2007 – 2012 – Emeritus professor, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Biotechnology, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune

 2001 – 2006 – Vice President Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine Pune

2002 – 2003 – Honorary Professor, School of Health Sciences, University of Pune

1994 –2001 – Director, Research Society, B. J. Wadia Hospital for Children, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012

1954 – 1994 – Worked in several capacities at Cancer Research Institute. Retired as Scientific Officer “H” (Director Grade scientist) Head, Immunology Division Cancer Research Institute Tata Memorial Center Mumbai – 400 012

Honors and Awards

  • NIH Post-doctoral Fellowship, 1964-1965 Worked at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer Travel Fellowship, 1971. Worked at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Attended first International Immunology Conference, Washington.
  • Common Wealth Fellowship, 1974. Worked at Chester Beatty Cancer Research Institute, London. Participated in second International Cancer Congress, Florence, Italy and European Group of Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture Meeting, Milan.
  • Worked a Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York, 1978. Participated in 10th International Cancer Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Recipient of Raja Ravi Sher Singh of Khalsia Memorial Cancer Research Award, 1974.
  • Participated in 13th International Cancer Congress, Seattle, Washington, 1982. Visiting Scientist at University of California, University of Michigan, Cancer Institute, London and Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London.
  • Conducted studies on MIC exposed population of Bhopal at University of Pittsburgh, 1985 sponsored by ICMR. Visiting Scientist at 7 laboratories involved in Isocyanate Research in USA, sponsored by NIH, USA.
  • Fellowship of International Association of Cancer Research. Participated in the Symposium on Immunobiology and Immune dysfunction at Nice, France, 1987. Visiting Scientist at Pasteur Institute, Paris on exchange visitor program of French Government.
  • Invited participant in International Symposium on Oral Cancer sponsored by Royal Society of Medicine, London, 1988. Visiting Scientist at various laboratories in West Germany.
  • Recipient of ICMR grant on ICRC Anti-leprosy vaccine as Co-Principle Investigator, 1988.
  • Participation in International Immunology Congress, Berlin, 1989. Lectures in Laboratories in West Germany.
  • Recipient of INDO-EC International Grant on Immunology of Leprosy as a Co-principle Investigator, 1989
  • Participated in 15th International Cancer Congress at Hamburg,1990. Visits and Lectures in laboratories at West Germany and USA.
  • PI for the DST sponsored facility for flow Cytometry and sorter. Received training in Flow Cytometry at Coulter Training Centre, Miami, Florida, USA, 1991
  • Scientific Exchange Visitor to China on Bi-lateral program of Indian National Science Academy and Chinese Academy of Science, 1991. Participated in International Cancer congress at Beijing
  • Received Ranbaxy Foundation Award in the field of Research in Applied Medical Sciences, 1991
  • Invited participation in workshop on Flow Cytometry, Dubai, 1993.
  • Invited Participation in 7th International Conference of Gender and Science and Technology, Waterloo, Canada, 1993.


  • Fellow & Council Member of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
  • Fellow & council member  of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore
  • Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences
  • Member General Assembly, International Union of Immunological Societies, 1989 – 1991
  • Chairperson, INSA, National Committee for IUIS (1988 – 1991).
  • Member, International Cell Research Organization (ICRO)
  • Member, European Group of Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture
  • Life member and Past President, Indian Immunology Society.
  • Founder Member and Past President, Indian Association for Cancer Research.
  • Life Member and Executive Committee Member, Indian Society of Cell Biology.
  • Member, ICMR Task Force on Cancer Research (2002-2005)
  • Member, Editorial Board, of IJEB (1980 – 1985) IJMR (1986 – 2004), Year Book of Cancer, USA (1983 – 1988), In Vitro, USA (1966 – 1976), Oral Oncology, Europ. J. of Cancer (1991 – 1998), Jour. of Parasitol & Appl. Animal Biol.
  • Life Member and President (1991–1993) of Indian Women Scientists’ Association.
  • Chairman, Publications and Information Division ICMR (1993 – 1996), (1999 – 2002).

Member NAAC expert committee for Assessment and Accreditation of Universities & colleges, 2010

Organization of National / International Conferences / Workshops (1984 Onwards):

  • Indo-German Symposium on Cancer Research, 1985.
  • International Symposium on Current Trends in Cancer Research, 1986.
  • International Symposium on Immunology of Infections, 1988.
  • Indo-EC Symposium on Leprosy, 1989.
  • Indo-French workshop on Haemoglobinopathies, 2003, Cochin, India

International Conferences Organized and Participated: 

  • Member, Organizing Committee, Asia-Oceanic Federation of Immunological Societies Conference, 1992.
  • Member, Organizing Committee, symposium on Cancer Immunology, and Invited Lecture in Golden Jubilee Symposium of Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai, 1992.
  • Member, Organizing Committee and Participant, Indo-French Symposium on Trends in Cancer Research, Mumbai 1993.
  • Invited Participant in Indo-French Symposium on Immunoregulatory Pathways in Pregnancy, New Delhi, 1993.
  • Member, Organizing Core Committee, Symposium Co-Chairperson, International Cancer Congress, Mumbai, 1994.
  • Member, Executive Committee and Invited participant, Third International Congress on Oral Cancer, London,1994.
  • Organizer and Chairperson, Symposium on Immunology of Cancer, 16th International Congress of Biochemistry and molecular biology, Madras, 1994.
  • Invited Participant, Indo-US Workshop and Symposium on Gene Therapy, Bombay, 1994.
  • Member, Organizing Committee, International Immunology Congress, Vice-President Program Committee, New Delhi, 1998.
  • Organizer and invited participated in Indo – French symposium on Haemoglobinopathies, 2004, Cochin, India

Selective Peer-reviewed Publications

  •  S. G. Gangal, D. J. merchant, D. C. Shreffler Characterization of H-2 antigens on L-M mouse cells grown in culture National Cancer Institute, 36:1151-1159. 1966
  • R. N. Damle, S. H. Advani. S. G. Gangal Analysis of regulation of T cell responses by soluble inhibitory factors from sera of patients with Hodgkin’s disease Int. J. Cancer, 50:192-196, 1992
  • H. Gulle, B. Schoel, S. Chiplunkar, S. Gangal, M. G. Deo, S. H. E. Kaufmann T cell response in leprosy patients and healthy contacts towards separated protein antigens of M. leprae Int. J of leprosy, 60:44-53
  • S. G. Gangal, R. J. Tatake Immune status of head and Neck cancer with special reference to the oral cavity In ‘Risk markers for oral diseases’ vol.2 Oral Cancer Ed. N. W. Johnson, Cambridge University Press, UK, 114-154, 1991
  • R. N. Damle, S. H. Advani, S. G. Gangal Impairment in proliferation, lymphokine production and frequency distribution of mitogen responsive and IL-2 producing cells in Hodgkin’s disease Cancer immu. Immunother. 34:205-221, 1991
  • H. S. Maniar, S. A. Desai, S. V. Chiplunkar, M. K. Amin, R. S. Rao, A. R. Fakih, S. G. Gangal Modulation of tumour associated antigens expressed on human carcinoma cell lines by recombinant α-IFN, Europ. J Cancer (B, Oral oncology), 29:69-73, 1993
  • N. Rajaram, R. J. tatake, S. H. Advani, S. G. Gangal Natural killer cells and lymphokine activated killer cell functions in Hodgkin’s disease Brit. J Cancer 62, 205-208, 1990
  • R. J. Tatake, N. Krisnan, R. N. Damle, B. Balsara, A. N. Bhisey, S. G. Gangal Establishment and characterization of four new squamous cell carcinoma cell lines derived from tumours of oral cavity J cancer Res & clin. Oncol., 116: 179-186, 1990
  • R. J. Tatake, M. K. Amin, H. S. Maniar, R. N. Damle, N. A. Jambhekar, S. S. Shrikhande, s. G. Gangal Monoclonal antibodies against human squamous cell carcinoma associated antigens Int J cancer, 44: 840-845, 1989
  • Damodaran A, Gangal S. G.,  Pichan D, Amin M. k, Fakih,  A. R, Rao, R. S. Chiplunkar, S. V. Analysis of DNA ploidy and expression of tumour associated antigens in human carcinoma xenografted in nude mice Europ. J cancer (Oral oncolo), 33:402-407, 1997
  • Vaz F. E. E, Thakur-Mahadik C. B, Banerjee M. K, Gangal S. G. Distribution of β thalassaemia mutations in Indian population referred to our diagnostic center Haemoglobin, 24:181-194, 2000
  • Thakur-Mahadik Citra, Faz Flavin, Banerjee Monisha, Kapadia Chayya, Natrajan P. J, Yagnik Harsha, Gangal sudha Prenatal diagnosis of β thalassaemia and other haemoglobinopathies in India Prenatal diagnosis, 20:194-201, 2000


Authored a book (single author) entitled ‘Principles and Practice of Animal Tissue Culture’,

Publ. Universities Press, Chennai, Distributors Orient Longmans Bombay, Jan 2007, reprinted 2008, 2nd Edition April 2009

‘Text book of Basic and clinical immunology’ By Sudha Gangal & Shubhangi Sontakke

Publ. Universities Press, Chennai, Distributors Orient Longmans Bombay, Jan 2013

Research Support.

During my active research years I received financial support from:

  • Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India
  • Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India
  • Indian Council Of Medical Research Govt, of India
  • Indo-EC support for leprosy project
  • Lady Tata Trust support for research on Leukemias and Lymphomas