Below given are the causes and symptoms stated in Ayurvedic text as well as few are based on the experiences in our Cancer Research Project. The symptoms given below may appear in few other diseases also, but if the following symptoms are observed repeatedly undergoing the Cancer tests is advisable.

Probable Causes of Breast Cancer

The incidence of breast cancer increases with age
Early menarche (before the age of 12)
Multiple cases of early onset of breast cancer in a women’s family history for e.g. mother, aunt, grandmother

Pregnancy after the age of 30 yrs

Late menopause (after age of 55)

Probable Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Detection of breast lump
Unilateral eczema of the nipple
Spontaneous nipple discharge

Oedema over the breast or dimpling of the skin of the breast
Reddish or whitish patchy discolouration
Painful breast