Shamana Chikitsa (Oral Ayurvedic Treatment)

Oral Ayurvedic Treatment is beneficial for controlling disease, reducing side effects, minimizing sufferings and thus improving quality of life of Cancer patients.

Most of the experience – based Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in Atharva Ayurved Pharmaceuticals of Trust, which manufactures natural, effective and safe medicines with appropriate precautions of Quality of Control.

Atharva Nature Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is approved by FDA (MS) and GMP Certified.

Raw materials for Atharva Nature Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. are supplied by Trust’s Sanjeevani Plantation Department, which cultivates medicinal plants with the use of organic fertilizers. Some of the cultivated vegetables & fruits in our Plantation Department are also used for admitted patients in our hospital.

Cattle breeding is one of the activities undertaken by our Trust. Milk products of Indian Cows, Goats etc. reared & sheltered in our Dairy are used for Cancer patients in our hospital.