Aim of Panchakarma treatment is to cleanse & detoxify body, increase immunity & thus to restore health. In many Cancer patients, it helps to reduce sufferings, minimize side-effects of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy. It also helps to prevent recurrence of Cancer.

Treatment (Chikitsa) of Cancer

  • Mitigating 3 dosha (Tridosh – Shamak) according to dominance of doshas
  • Dhatvagni – Deepan :- Improving Metabolic Activities (dhatvagni) specially Rasa – Rakta & Mansa dhatvagni.
  • Controlling Dhatugata Avastha :- (The nature of doshas of embedding in deeper & deeper tissues & vitiating them)
  • Prevention of Dhatupaka Avastha :- By Pittashamak & Rakta prasadak treatment.
  • Rejuvenation to affected organ (Rasayana) :- Depending upon strength of the patient and vitiated doshas.

Panchakarma (Shodhana Chikitsa) eliminates the vitiated doshas from the body.

Pre procedures (Purvakarma)

  1. Internal & External oletion (Snehana) :- Snehana should be done for 3 to 7 days with plain or medicated Clarified butter (ghee) or Oil (Taila), till the symptoms of appropriate Oral administration of oil / ghee (Snehapana) are seen.
  2. Sudation (Swedana) :- Sarvanga sweda (Sudation to complete body) should be done either with plain water vapours or with vapours of herbal decoction, immediately after snehana.

Main procedures (Pradhana Karma)

  1. Inducing vomiting (Vamana) :
    Appropriate Condition :- Kapha dominating symptoms in Cancer.
    Appropriate Cancer site :- CA of sites over umbilicus. e.g. CA Lung, CA Breast.
  2. Inducing Purgation (Virechana) :
    Appropriate Condition :- Pitta dominating symptoms in Cancer.
    Appropriate Cancer site :- CA of site at umbilicus. e.g. CA Liver CA Pancreas.
  3. Medicated enema (Basti) :
    Appropriate Condition :- Vata dominating symptoms in Cancer.
    Appropriate Cancer site :- CA of sites below umbilicus. e.g. CA Rectum.
  4. Nasal Medication to eliminate the Doshas (Nasya) :
    Appropriate Condition :- Kapha & Vata dominating symptoms in Cancer.
    Appropriate Cancer site :- CA of sites above neck region. e.g. CA Brain.
  5. Blood letting (Raktamokshana) :
    Appropriate Condition :- Symptoms of vitiated Pitta & Rakta in Cancer.
    Appropriate Cancer site :- CA of Blood dominating sites. e.g. CA Liver.

Post – procedures (Pashchat Karma)

Immediately after Panchakarma, Digestion Power (Jatharagni) becomes weak. To improve it slowly, the patient should follow special diet regime i.e. Sansarjana Karma. It lasts for 4 to 10 days.
It contains –

  • Thin rice gruel (Peya)
  • Thick rice gruel (Vilepi)
  • Plain bean soup (Akruta Yusha)
  • Medicated bean soup (Kruta Yusha)
  • Plain non-veg soup (Akruta Mansarasa)
  • Medicated non-veg soup (Kruta Mansarasa)

*Note :- The general rule is that the vitiated Doshas should be eliminated by the nearer path in the body. Thus, a specific type of Panchakarma has to be done in specific type of Cancer under the guidance of experienced physician.