1. Modern cancer treatment like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery & Ayurvedic treatment are available to patients under one roof at Wagholi, Pune
  2. More & more Cancer patients are benefited with complimentary Ayurvedic treatment so as to improve quality of life, reducing sufferings & increasing life span & minimizing toxicities of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.
  3. Patients under Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy are hospitalized for Ayurvedic treatment & Diet therapy to minimize toxicities of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy
  4. Cancer treatment is available to patients in minimum charges (30 -40 % less charges).
  5. Research on Cancer is carried out to find out Causative factors according to Ayurvedic principles & confirm Ayurvedic diagnosis of Cancer.
  6. Research is carried out to assess efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment modalities on various types of Cancers on the basis of Ayurvedic parameters & modern diagnostic method.
  7. Guidance about avoidance of causes of Cancer observed in this project is given to community.
  8. Integrated Cancer Treatment & Research Centre is providing huge & unique contribution in social & scientific field of Cancer treatment.