Abnormal growth of body cells leads to carcinoma according to modern medical science. Although there is no illness listed in Ayurved as Cancer, there are disorders mentioned in Ayurvedic Texts who shows great similarity to Cancer. Modern medicine describes Cancer as the deformation of tissues and their undesired growth. Ayurvedic Texts describes the symptoms and their respective treatments for overcoming the diseased condition. ‘Karka Roga’ is only a synonym to the word ‘Cancer’ disease.

The diseases are :-

Those formed within the body parts like Malignant Ulcers, Lymphadenopathies, Tumors etc. shows similarities with following diseases described in Ayurveda –

  • Dushta Shotha
  • Dushta Vrana
  • Dushta Granthi
  • Dushta Arbud
  • Dushta Vidradhi
  • Dushta Visarpa
  • Dushta Nadivrana
  • Dushta Manspradoshaja Vikara

The above mentioned conditions that develop in certain parts of the body are very similar to those of Cancer, although all types of Shotha may not be cancerous. Impure or imbalanced doshas, Vata, Pitta or Kapha or infested Shothas could lead to Cancer. If care is not taken to cure the Shotha and if the causes which cause them are not taken care of, then these causes leading to Shotha may further lead to Cancer.

Leukemia or Cancer of the blood – we have found the following similarities –

  • Rasa – Rakta Dhatu Jwara (Fever)
  • Sannipatik Jwara
  • Pandu
  • Rakta Pitta
  • Raktaj Krumi

Deformity in the Rasa – Rakta – Dhatu causes abnormality in the Blood which is not thereafter capable to give nutrition to the body. This leads to jwara (fever), pandu (anaemia), skin disorders etc.