Prodromal Symptoms (Purvarupa) :-

 1. Mostly all the cancer patients are diagnosed in advance stage of the disease, as the signs and symptoms (Rupa) start developing at this stage. So the Stage of Prodromal Symptoms (Purvarupa Avastha) is rarely seen in these patients.

  • This may be due to slow progressing nature of growth caused by slow growing property (Manda guna) of Kapha dosha initially. The signs and symptoms are seen only when the growth undergoes Stage of embedding in deeper tissues & vitiating them (Dhatugata avastha) and Stage of loss of tissues (Dhatupaka avastha) due to vitiation of vatadosha and pittadosha respectively.

2. Sometimes some diseases are the alarming factors in Cancer.

  • History of Amlapitta for many years may lead to CA Oesophagus or CA Stomach.
  • History of Piles (Arsha) or Chronic colitis (Grahani) may lead to CA Large Intestine or CA Rectum.