Signs and Symptoms
Signs and Symptoms (Rupa) of Cancer are similar to the signs and symptoms (rupa) of-

1. The Disease
i.e. Dushta Vrana, Dushta Granthi, Dushta Arbuda, Dushta Vidradhi, Dushta Visarpa, Dushta Mansapradoshaja vikara

2. Stage of the Disease
Stage of embedding in deeper and deeper tissues & vitiating them (Dhatugata) / Stage of loss of tissues (Dhatupaka) Unripped (Aama), Semi – ripped (Pachyamana) and Ripped i.e. Acutely Tender (Pakwa) Curable (Sadhya)/ Non – curable (Asadhya)

3. Vitiated Systems (Srotasa)
To which the involving organ pertains, e.g. In Malignant tumour in stomach (Aamashayagata Mansarbuda) the symptoms are –

a. Of Disease –

  • Avedana Arbuda (Painless tumour)
  • Unctuous (Snigdha)
  • Twaka – Savarna
  • (Skin coloured)
  • Kathina (Stony hard)

b. Stages of Arbuda

  • Embedding in deeper tissue & vitiating them – (Dhatugata) (Mansadhatugata), Heaviness (Gaurava)
  • Curable (Sadhya) / Non-curable (Asadhya) Curable with difficulty – (Mansarbuda is Kashtasadhya)

c. Vitiated Srotasa and Organ –

  • Vitiated Annavaha Srotasa and Stomach Digestive System (Aamashaya)
  • Loss of appetite (Agnimandya)
  • Loss of taste (Aruchi)
  • Burning chest (Urodaha)
  • Vomiting (Chhardi)

Rupa of Malignant Wounds / Ulcers (Vrana), Nodes (Granthi), Tumours (Arbuda), Spreading Cellulitis (Visarpa) etc. are described in text as –

  • General signs & symptoms (Samanya Rupa)
  • Specific symptoms according to type (Bheda Rupa)