Psychological Status Guidelines of Cancer

Approach and Attitude
Positive Attitude

  • A confidence in curepositive attitude
  • Plan life without the fear of lifespan
  • Assurance to the near and dear ones

Negative Attitude

  • A depressed feeling about a short life spannegative attitude
  • A fear of the disease which may cause sucidal attempts
  • Distrust in cure with the help in medicines or other assurances

Falsely Positive Attitude

  • Non-acceptance of the illnessFalsely Positive
  • Does not follow necessary restrictions due to non-acceptance of the illness
  • Try to assure the near ones that he himself is not disease affected

Neutral Attitude

  • Death is certain and this disease is just its causeNeutral Attitude
  • Engross in spiritual activities to prepare for death
  • Withdrawal from activities and emotions to prepare for death

Duties of relatives and friends in a Cancer Affected Patient

  • Prepare the patient towards acceptance and awareness of the disease
  • Engross a nervous patient in various activities like music, reading etc.
  • Encourage and help the patient to live a corrected lifestyle and follow punctuality in medical procedures
  • Provide information on various cures available
  • Divert a weak minded patient to pursue hobbies, provide encouraging experiences
  • Maintain a peaceful and satisfying environment

Age related Mental Status of a Cancer diagnosed patient

A Young Patient

  • Extremely fearful Young Patient
  • Excessive depression
  • Intense sorrow of unfulfilled dreams

Elderly Patient

  • Intense feeling of dependency- Physical and financial Elderly Patient
  • Fear of pain and suffering

A Middle-Aged Patient

  • Very fearful Middle Aged Patient
  • Constant worry about the dependent family members
  • Irritation and depression towards unfulfilled/partially fulfilled dreams