AIDS is an acronym for the ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’. It is termed as the disease of 21st century with a heavy widespread of its  fatal effects all over the world more so in developed & developing countries. Different medical science practitioners are striving hard to find a  complete cure over this disease. The clinical picture of Aupasargic Rajayakshma – Shosha, described in Ancient Ayurvedic texts is similar to the  present clinical pattern of AIDS. Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust’s Ayurved Hospital and Research Center has started with AIDS Research  Project to evaluate efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment in Aupasargik Rajayakshma – Shosha Vyadhi i.e. HIV +ve patients since 1998. This project is  progressing with optimistic results.
The project is carried out at Pune & Mumbai.

Achievements of AIDS Research Project

  • Increased immunity of the patients.
  • Symptomatic relief.
  • Improvement in quality of life & lifespan.

Observations of the AIDS Research Project

  • Clinically & statistically Ayurvedic treatment is found to be effective mainly in following symptoms of HIV / AIDS –
    Cough (Kasa)
    Breathlessness (Shwasa)
    Hoarseness of voice (Swarabheda)
    Pleuracy (Parshwashula)
    Loss of taste (Aruchi)
    Loss of appetite (Agnimandya)
    Fever (Jwara)
    Lymphadenopathy (Lasika Granthi Vruddhi)
    Bodyache (Angamarda)
    Weakness (Daurbalya)
    Menstrual disorders (Rajovikruti)
    Per vaginal white discharge (Shwetastrava)
    Skin disorders (Twak Vikara)
    Hemoptesis (Shonita Sthivana)
    Herpes zoster (Visarpa)
    Inflammation of vagina (Yonipaka)
    Vaginal ulcers (Yonivrana)
    Joint pain (Sandhipeeda)
    Headache (Shiroruja)
  • Ayurvedic treatment, mainly Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvenating treatment)-
    • Improves quality of life.
    • Cures frequent opportunistic infections.
    • Beneficial in treating associated diseases.
    • General condition of most of the patients is improved with these medicines.
    • This treatment enabled most of the patients to follow their daily routine & professional activities.
  • CD4 count of more than 65% patients is maintained or increased after Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial mainly in stage I & II (according to WHO staging), where Antiretroviral treatment is not recommended.
    In these stages, the medicine enhances immunity, relieves symptoms, improves general condition & thus delays progression of the disease towards AIDS due to it’s Rasayana action.
  • Ayurvedic treatment is useful in stage III & IV, when patient can not tolerate antiretroviral treatment due to severe side – effects or in drug intolerance.
  • Ayurvedic treatment is also found to be effective to reduce the symptoms, especially Jwara (Fever); Lasika Granthi Vruddhi (Lymphadenopathy); Kasa (Cough); Shwasa (Breathlessness), in stage III & IV.
  • Statistical analysis based on WHO grading of HIV / AIDS showed remarkable improvement in disease status with Ayurvedic treatment.

In Patient Procedure

More and more people all over the world are contradicting the deadliest disease AIDS and that too at a very alarming rate making it extremenly  important for medical science practitioners to find a feasible cure for it. The disease ‘Rajayakshma – Shosha’ described in ancient Ayurvedic text  shows identicalness to HIV-AIDS. On the guidelines of Ayurvedic text’s pathogenesis and line of treatment on ‘Rajayakshma’, this project is  moving ahead showing optimistic results.

  • The project is being actively carried out at Pune & Mumbai since 1998.
  • Renowned Ayurvedic physician and principal investigator Dr. S. P. Sardeshmukh – Ph.D. (Ayu) examines and treats HIV+VE / AIDS patients.
  • Dr. Vineeta V. Deshmukh, M. D. (Ayu), who has done Ph.D. in the subject related with management of HIV +ve / AIDS patients with ayurvedic treatment, is co-ordinating the project.