In the journey of Cancer Research Project it was felt that there is a need of common platform where the worldwide experts working in the field of Cancer should come together and share there valuable views on this crucial issue, where the experience, knowledge, opinions will be discussed with a common interest i.e. improving quality of life and life span of Cancer patients. To fulfill this need Dr. S. P. Sardeshmukh organised International Conferences on ‘Ayurved for Cancer’ which are held regularly every 5 years from December 1997.

Fourth International Conference on “Ayurved For Cancer”

Organized by Integrated cancer Treatment & Research Center at Pune

On 3rd & 4th November 2012

The most successful, expansive and well attended Fourth International Conference on “Ayurved For Cancer” was held at Hotel ISTA, Pune between 3rd – 4th November 2012.

The word ‘Cancer’ itself creates fear and anxiety in the mind of a person. One of its reasons being that despite of the conventional treatments available, the mortality rate still remains high. Cancer Research Project was undertaken by Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust’s Ayurved Hospital and Research Centre in 1994 under the able guidance of Parampoojya Shri P.K. Sardeshmukh Maharaj and is jointly co-ordinated by renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. S. P. Sardeshmukh and Ex- HOD, Radiation Oncology Department, Bombay Hospital, Dr. Arvind Kulkarni at Wagholi (Pune) and Mumbai.

Cancer cannot be completely cured by Ayurvedic treatment; however this project aims to assure quality life to Cancer patients with Ayurvedic treatment. More than 6000 Cancer patients suffering from various types of Cancers at various stages have been treated in the project till date.

The Cancer Conference was special in its strong emphasis on Cancer – Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Therapeutics and especially the Case Reports of Cancer patients of various types & at various stages treated at ICTRC. It is the evidence of the extensive research work going at all the centres of Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Centre (ICTRC). This conference was a common platform for Doctors working in the field of Cancer for presenting and sharing Research on Cancer in various systems of medical science globally. Also, Cancer patients from India and across the world taking Ayurvedic treatment from our Cancer Research Centre actively participated in the conference.

Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh, General Manager of Atharva Ayurved Pharmaceuticals welcomed all the honorable guests and invitees attending the conference. Dr. Vineeta Deshmukh, Deputy Director of ICTRC introduced all the honorable guests. Dr. S. P. Sardeshmukh, Chairman of Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust felicitated all the honorable guests on dias. The inauguration of the Conference was done by offering prayers to Lord Dhanvantari and lighting the diya by the auspicious hands of distinguished Nuclear Scientist, Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, Secretary Government of India, Department of Atomic Energy and Ex-Director of BARC, Honorable Padmavibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar. In his inaugural speech he emphasized on the grievance of Cancer and the need to work more on Cancer Control Programs. He said, “BSDT is having excellent approach in creating a better quality of life for Cancer patients and in preventing the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.” Further he said, “As we are embracing modernity, we are also embracing this disease. Our ultimate goal should be to keep the negative part of modernity at bay and should always value our traditions.”

Mr. Diwan Arun Nanda, Managing Director of Rediffusion also graced the occasion as Guest on Honor. He expressed faith in Ayurved towards treating Cancer patients. Also he narrated his own experience of Dr. S. P. Sardeshmukh and how he was benefited with his Ayurvedic treatment. Also he gave his immense wishes for the success of the conference.

The Chairman of this Conference & Director, Oncology of ICTRC, Dr. Arvind Kulkarni gave information regarding the initiation of the Cancer Research Project and its development in subsequent year . Dr. Prashant Suru, Trustee of BSDT & Joint Chairperson of the conference gave vote of thanks. During the inaugural ceremony, a short documentary was presented focusing the various activities of Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Centre.

Charts and Posters of ‘Cancer Research’ of ICTRC were exhibited on this occasion and its inauguration was done by the auspicious hands of Dr. A. V. Chainulu, Renowned Research Scientist of Department of Science & Technology (DST) and Mr. Diwan Arun Nanda.

Dr. P. B. Desai, a world famous Oncosurgeon & Ex- Director of Tata Hospital, in his oration speech highlighted on Cancer prevention being the best cure. He also said that the total profiling of the patient, organ preservation, lymphatic system combination treatment methods, evidence based medicine, understanding tumor biology, genomic science and targeted therapy are essentially important in treating Cancer. He explained Chemotherapy is the first line of treatment in Cancer. Imaging techniques play a vital role in early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Early screening in case of positive hereditary helps in early diagnosis of the disease. He also explained importance of Immunotherapy in the treatment of Cancer. Medicine of the future should be Preventive, Predictive, Personalized, Participatory and Pro- active. Science embodies the desire to understand nature. Medicine embodies to understand the human system in health and disease. Technology embodies the unique desire to control health and nature by intervention.

There were in all seven scientific sessions in the conference. The first session was ‘Approach to Cancer’ was and was jointly chaired by Dr. Arvind Kulkarni and Padmashri. Dr. Sharad Hardikar, a well-known Orthopedic Surgeon in Pune. Dr. V. N. Shrikande, Eminent Onco-surgeon of Biliary-Pancreatic system, delivered Guest lecture in which he mainly conversed about the Gastro Intestinal surgeries performed by him in Cancer patients with the illustrations of few significant cases. He said Cancer never comes with symptoms, so awareness is a very important factor. He stressed on change of life style, positive attitude of mind, laughter, love, faith, hope and building confidence in the mind of patient is essential for recovery of body to normal. He also emphasized on the vital role of Nutrition in sepsis, healing of burn injuries and recovery from trauma. Further he said, Cancer is not one disease, caused due to multiple factors and so the counteract on this disease must be multipronged. Cancer is holistic, so our response should be with collaboration of multiple pathies.

Following this lecture, there was case presentation on ongoing Cancer Research of ICTRC by Dr. S.P. Sardeshmukh, Dr. Vineeta Deshmukh and Dr. Vasanti Godse (Assistant Director of ICTRC). In this session, case reports of patients of rare malignancies like Cortical Thymoma, Melanoma, Metastatic Carcinoid Carcinoma of colon, peritoneum & Liver, benefitted with Ayurvedic treatment from our center & survived more than reported survival rate with improved Quality of Life, were presented. Among them, a German patient, an Australian patient & an Indian patient shared their experiences about Ayurvedic treatment at ICTRC.  Dr. Arbina Mujawar coordinated this session.

The second session ‘Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Cancer’ was jointly chaired by Dr. Shirish Kumthekar, a well-known Onco Surgeon & Coordinator of ICTRC and Dr. S. M. Sathye, Ex – Dean, Poddar Ayurved College. In this session, Dr. Tushar Patil, Medical Oncologist at ICTRC presented a paper on ‘Cancer and Chemoptherapy’.  Dr. M Shrinivasulu, Professor, Dept. of Panchakarma, NKJ Ayurvedic College presented paper on ‘Role of Ama in pathology of tumour growth.’ Dr. Dipak Ladda, Onco-pathologist at ICTRC presented a paper on ‘Applications of Tumor Markers in Cancer Management.’ Dr. Sabir Mujawar, Senior Research Fellow at ICTRC presented a paper on ‘Ca Tongue – An Ayurvedic approach.’ and Dr. Janhavi Pingale. Each one of them dealt with their topic uniquely and were successful in making impression on the minds of audience. This session was coordinated by Dr. Prachiti Suru.

The third Scientific session “Cancer Therapeutics -1” was jointly chaired by Dr. S. K. Mishra, eminent Ayurvedic physician and Dr. Shrinivas Jaluka, renowned Ayurvedic physician. In this session, Dr. H. S. Kasture, Former Professor Kaya Chikitsa & Panchkarma, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, threw light on Cancer and Panchkarma; Dr. Jayprakash Narayan, well-known Ayurvedic physician described Anticancer potential of fruits and vegetables; Dr. Ashok Vaidya, Research Director ICMR  Advanced  Centre  of  Reverse  Pharmacology in Traditional Medicine, Kasturba Health Society centered the focus of his presentation on Potential of Ayurveda in prevention, regression and amelioration of Cancer and finally Dr. Dilip Gadgil, well-known Ayurvedic physician discussed the treatment of Cancer on basis of Dushya. The session was coordinated by Dr. Yogesh Marathe.

On the second day 4th November 2012 the Vth  session namely “Cancer Therapeutics II” was jointly chaired by Dr. P. H. Kulkarni, reputed Ayurvedic consultant and Dr. U. S. Nigam, Prof and Head of Department of Kayachikitsa, Shri Dhanwantari Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Centre Trust, Ujjain. The session started with the guest lecture of Padmashree Dr. Suresh Chaturvediji, well-known Ayurvedic physician. He emphasized the importance of improving immunity & Quality of Life in Cancer patients with Ayurvedic treatment rather than assuring complete Cancer cure. He also illustrated few experience based herbal formulations for treatment of Cancer. Dr. R. L. Marathe, Consulting Haematologist and Pathologist in his presentations emphasized on ‘Targeted Anti-Cancer therapy in CML”.

Dr. Anant Sathe, a physician and a patient of MDS shared his own experience on fight with cancer and the relief he received after treating with Ayurvedic treatment at Wagholi Centre. Mr. Shigeru Kadota (from Japan) a Cancer patient suffering from Stomach Cancer & receiving Ayurvedic treatment at our Centre also shared his experience about Panchakarma Treatment.

Dr. Anil Sanganeria, Onco-surgeon of ICTRC, presentaed on ‘Innovative and Advanced Cancer Surgeries’ was very informative. A magnificent delivery of lecture on ‘PET CT in Cancer Evaluation and Management’ by Dr. Shrikant Solav, M.D Medicine and Consultant in Nuclear Medicine SPECT Lab, was in fact very brain storming.

In this session, a preview of the ongoing Research work of ICTRC was presented by Research Fellows. Dr. Shreeram Agashe presented a paper on ‘Role of supportive Ayurvedic treatment in quality of life of Cancer patients on Chemotherapy’. Dr. Shweta Gujar, Assistant Director of ICTRC presented paper on ‘Assessment of Ayurvedic treatment in carcinoma of liver and liver metastasis with Yakrutpleehodarari loha’. Dr. Bhagyashree Sardeshmukh presented a case report on carcinoma of liver and liver metastasis. Dr. Anita Redekar presented a paper on ‘Suvarnabhasmadi Yoga Rasayan action – QOL”. Dr. Sandeep Chavan presented a paper on ‘Identification of Guduchi Satva by microscopy’ and Dr. Yogesh Marathe presented paper on ‘Assessment of Veerataradi vati in genitor-urinary cancer’. This session was coordinated by Dr. Nilambari Patil.

Session VI – “Alternative Therapies” emphasized on role of alternative therapies like Yoga, Energy healing, Ozone therapy etc. in the prevention & treatment of Cancer. Along with some Indian experts there were also some eminent therapists from abroad sharing their views. Swami Maheshanandaji, Chairman and Spiritual Head of  the Yoga Institute Kaivalyadham, Lonavla conversed on Yoga and Cancer. Dr. Karl Horst Poehllmann, MBBS, PhD, KLJ from Australia narrated on Methods of treating cancer successfully. Dr. Geoffrey Morell, a practicing Naturopath from USA demonstrated the principle of energy healing. Dr. Mili Shah, Homeopathy and Psychotherapy Practitioner spoke on Ozone therapy in Cancer. Dr. D.G. Thatte, Director/President, All India Sharir Research Institute, Lucknow, focused on the topic ‘Chemo-radio protective Ayurvedic therapy’. This session was jointly chaired by Dr. V. V. Doiphode, Dean , Department of Ayurved, Pune University and Dr. Shailesh Nadkarni, an acclaimed Ayurvedic physician and was coordinated by Dr. Kishore Karle.

Session VII comprised of Case Presentations of ICTRC. This session was jointly chaired by Dr. S. K. Shrivastav, HOD of Department of Radiation Oncology of Tata Memorial Hospital and Dr. Shriram Savrikar, well known Researcher in Ayurved and Ayurvedic physician. Case reports of patients of various types of Cancers treated in ICTRC were presented by Research fellows of ICTRC, Dr. Shrinivas Datar (Assistant Director of ICTRC), Dr. Renuka Gayal, Dr. Anjali Deshpande, Dr. Vineeta Inje, Dr. Nilambari Patil, Dr. Arbina Mujawar, Dr. Kishore Karle, Dr. Sameer Gore, Dr. Jyotsna Kamble, Dr. Jyoti Narwadkar, Dr. Suchita Vaidya, Dr. Dhananjay Deshpande, Dr. Manoj Madne and Dr Abhishek Salunkhe. Patients registered in the project also narrated their experiences regarding their fight against cancer through positive attitude and about the benefits of treatment modalities, consisting of Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatment, they received at our Cancer center. This session was coordinated by Dr. Shreeram Agashe.

This session was followed by the session “Cancer Therapeutics – III”. This session was jointly chaired by Dr. Anant Dharmadhikari, well-known Ayurvedic Physician and Philosopher and Dr. H. S Kasture,reputed Ayurvedic Panchakarma physician. The speakers of this session were Dr. Manoj Nesari, Joint Adviser (Ayurveda), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of AYUSH, Government Of India. New Delhi. Padmashree Dr Balendu Prakash, Founder Director VCP Cancer Research Foundation (SIROs), Dr. Tanuja Nesari, Principal of Tilak ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune; Dr Jayshree Joshi, Joint Research Director, & Consultant, Medical Research Center- Kasturba Health Society and Dr  Urmila Pitkar, Ayurvedic  consultant  and  Panchakarma physician. All these eminent speakers narrated their ideas and experiences on the research work in Cancer in their respective fields. This session was coordinated by Dr. Vineeta Inje.

The Conference concluded with Valedictory function. Dr. Sushrut Sardeshmukh, Trustee of BSDT welcomed and introduced Padmashri Dr. Darshan Shankar, Advisor FRLHT, Chairman IAIM and Mr. Ranjit Puranik, CEO of Dhoot Papeshwar Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals who were Guest of Honor. Dr. Darshan Shankar in his speech praised the activities taken up by Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust and emphasized that we need dozens of such trusts which gives us the traditional glimpse of India. The trust is undertaking a very strategic program of Cancer research. BSDT has taken a realistic approach by setting an integrated structure and he expressed to see Wagholi’s ICTRC as India’s best Integrated Cancer Treatment Centre.

An inspiring narration was done by Mr Ranjit Puranik. He briefed that conduction of such international conferences are national services and also narrated some statistics on Cancer. Dr. S.P. Sardeshmukh gave Vote of Thanks and expressed his gratitude for all those who were responsible in lending their helpful hands to make this conference a grand success.

On this occasion, Honorable Padmavibhushan Dr Anil Kakodkar also visited ICTRC, Wagholi & communicated with the staff & Cancer patients treated in Radiotherapy Department. He was accompanied by Dr Ajit Patankar, Head, Technology   Transfer and Collaboration Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

In this brain storming conference, Wagholi visit was also organized for all the delegates in the evening of 3rd November 2012 at Wagholi, Pune. All the invitees were able to visualize the far-reaching research work carried at this Wagholi Centre. This was followed by Cultural Program – Maharashtrachi Lokdhara and was inaugurated by hands of Dr. Vedprkash Tyagi, President CCIM New Delhi. This event depicted glimpses of the folk dances of various parts of Maharastrian tradition and culture. Research fellows of ICTRC had also participated in this program.